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20 ft Storage Container in Aberdeen

20 ft container

£125 + VAT per calendar month

£150 (inc. VAT)

Floor size: 149 Ft2 / 14 M2
Cubic capacity: 1166 Ft3 / 37 M3
Length: 19.32 feet / 5.90 metres
Width: 7.70 feet / 2.35 metres
Height: 7.84 feet / 2.70 metres

10 ft Storage Container in Aberdeen

10 ft container

£100 + VAT per calendar month

£120 (inc. VAT)

Floor size: 71 Ft2 / 7 M2
Cubic capacity: 560 Ft3 / 18 M3
Length: 9.28 feet / 2.83 metres
Width: 7.70 feet / 2.35 metres
Height: 7.84 feet / 2.69 metres


Looking for Self Storage in Aberdeen?

When looking for Self Storage in Aberdeen look no further!

Most of our customers ar asking for "Storage units near ME" and that is what we offer! Safe, Local and Cheap Storage.

All units in our Aberdeen Storage facility come with the lockbox.

Shipping container lock boxes (or cowl lock housing) are essentially anti-vandal padlock surrounds. The lockbox encloses the padlock so it is only accessible from the underside. This helps prevent someone cutting off a padlock from a shipping container with a crowbar or similar. This really means to break into you container, someone will need some form of heavy cutting gear to get in.

If you want to enquire for Storage space simply fill in Enquiry Form .

Our Storage Facilities Aberdeen is also equipped with CCTV that helps to monitor the traffic on site.

What Storage123 is for?

boxes for moving house

Declutter Your Home

Well, make some breathing space and keep your home clean and tidy too. Move as many of the things that you don’t think you need right now into a self-storage facilitie Storage123 Aberdeen. You can store it there as long as you want, and when you finally have the time to sort through it and decide what to do. It’s safe and secure in its storage unit, waiting for you.

Don’t make a rash decision and throw away something you might regret later.

woman with key in hand

Transition Between Homes

A self-storage unit at Sotrage123 Aberdeen can be the ideal middleman between moving into your new home. You can store your belongings in a unit gradually over time before the big moving day. Making the whole process much easier and less stressful than trying to move everything in one go. It allows you more time to properly pack and label everything to move it into the unit before you’re ready to move it into your new home.

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Help Downsize for Retirement

If you’re heading into your retirement years, you may be thinking of downsizing your home. When you start to think about your health and the practicalities of where you’re currently living, or maybe you want to be close to your family and friends. Whatever the reason, with a self-storage unit at Storag123 Aberdeen, you can store your belongings during the move. Also, keep some belongings that you may no longer have space for.

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Benefits of Self Storage Units for small business
hand saving money
Easy Business Expansion
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Convenient and Flexible